Join us

Everyone is welcome to get involved in Data Ethics Club, as much or as little as you’d like to! We would love to hear your point of view at our discussion groups, to have your support in organising or running a meeting, or to add your suggestions to our reading list.

Attend our discussion groups

What to expect

We meet every other week (Wednesdays, 1pm, UK time) to talk about something from the reading list. Meetings last one hour and are held on Zoom.

We usually hear a short summary of the piece, split into breakout rooms to discuss some prompts, and then come back together to share our thoughts as a group. You don’t need to be a data ethicist (we’re not!), or a data scientist. Everyone is welcome to contribute to the discussion, which is how we learn from each other. It’s a friendly and welcoming group and we often have new people drop by, so why not try it? We’d love to have you there!

If you’d like a flavour of what we usually discuss then go to our meetings page and click on any of the summaries from past meetings to read about our discussions.

How to join us

If you’d like to join us, we email the Zoom link and discussion material 1 week ahead of, and on the day of, our meetings to our mailing list. You can also look at our meetings page to see upcoming dates. The Zoom link can be found by clicking through to a specific upcoming meeting.

Code of conduct

We follow a code of conduct during Data Ethics Group which is designed to make sure everyone feels welcome and confortable sharing their experiences and take on the material. Please read it before attending.

Special events

We occasionally have special events with slightly different formats, for example our Coded Bias Screening or our Inclusive Data Science event. We will send information about these events to the mailing list, too, and explain how they’ll be different.

Suggest something for our reading list

We keep a reading list to help us decide what to read and discuss next, and to help people who are interested in Data Ethics find some interesting starting points!

  • Think of a video, blog post, white paper or journal article relating to ethics and data science - this can anything from be the impact of algorithms on the people who are deploying them, to the ethics of surveillance and buying/selling personal data, to a more technical paper on the specifics of an explainable AI algorithm.

  • (Optional) Suggest 3 discussion questions to kick-start conversation - See our past meetings for examples of the sorts of questions we usually ask.

  • Let us know by opening a new Issue on GitHub or by emailing us.

Help us to organise

Read more about how we organise things here. If that sounds good to you, we’d love your help organising our meetings, or maintaining our website/repository. Email us if you’re interested.